Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hangin' Out at the Mall, Sims Style

For a long while, I'd had the idea simmering in the back of my brain to build a BIG mall for my Sims.  I've built plenty of little shopping areas for them to buy clothes and such, but I'd never built anything that looked like what we think of in real life as a huge mall.  So I set about building a huge oval building.  I broke it up into many smaller shops, put public bathrooms in at either end, etc.  The outside is pretty boring but here are some pictures of the many different kinds of shops and activities inside the Mega-Mile Mall:

Here's the Mall Restaurant.  Whenever my Sims visit the Mall, they can have dinner as a family or socialize with folks they don't know.  When I send a Sim with high cooking skills to the Mall, I have him or her cook up a great meal for everyone.  Otherwise, individual Sims just make their own meals when they're hungry.

Every Mall has a clothing store or boutique, and the Mega-Mile Mall is no exception.  Here, the clothes-shopping member of the family can do their thing, while the spouse or kids watch tube.

While most Malls don't have grocery stores, I figured why not?  So in the opposite corner to the restaurant there is this mini mart where Sims can go to pick up groceries before they head home.

Here is the Mall's bookstore.  There are cozy areas to sit and read so you can decide which book you want to buy or you can roam the stacks to your delight. 

I call this the Family Fun Center.  It's a place where people can come to play games and have fun--as a family or as a way to meet new people.

For the kids, there's a gaming store with pinball machines to play there as well as games to buy to play at home on their computers.  It's the "in" social hangout for the older children & teens when they get dragged along to the mall by Mom or Dad.

For the fit-minded, there is a gym where you can work out.  There are showers & tubs available to clean up after your workout.

The adults-only disco, Club Z, is a great place to meet people, have a drink or get your boogie on.  The couple shown met at the mall but it was their time at the disco that really sealed the deal! :)

I call this the Rest Stop. It's just a tiny room with a few beds and dressers. I wasn't sure if the Sims could sleep or have sex in bed while off of their home turf. Turns out, they can't go to bed nor have sex in bed here. They'll have to get their groove on in the dressing rooms over at the boutique--if they dare.

Out in the middle of the mall, there is this pool.  You can see the doors into some of the shops from here.  I put in stairs going to the roof and put in some rooftop hot tubs but, for some reason, no one will go up there.  Not sure what's up with that.

With a mall this grand, when any of my Sims need to go shopping these days, or just want to mingle with others, I sent them to the Mega-Mile Mall.  After all, it has just about anything they would want!

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